Time for the start of the 2012 season brings tuning Alloy wheels manufacturers Oxigin color in his portfolio!
So the current wheel design Carmani 6 Impact of the second brand of Oxigin addition to the known finishes “black polish”, and “crystal-silver” now also in the colorful variants “green polish”, “blue polish”, “orange polish”, “gold polish “,” red polish “and” pink polish “available, so now a total of eight different finishes to choose from, with which the customer Carmani the 6 Impact can perfectly adapt to his vehicle and his personal taste.

Her colored surfaces receive the alloy wheels through a special high quality color coating. And of course also applies to the color-coated wheels 2-year Oxigin Guarantee! A modern just-in-time production 6 Impact are also available for the colored versions of Carmani short delivery times guaranteed – the tuning season may therefore come!

In addition to the new colors added Carmani- alloy wheels and the size of the portfolio 6 Impact: The dynamic aluminum wheel is available in the following dimensions from now:


Available each case all customary 4 – and 5-hole applications.
Prices for Carmani 6 Impact start at 89 Euro (incl. VAT.) Per piece. The color-coated versions are available from 196 euros. With this there is of course an ABE.

Pünktlich zum Start der Tuning-Saison 2012 bringt Leichtmetallfelgen-Hersteller Oxigin Farbe in sein Portfolio! (mehr …)

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