Spacer disks


DECLARATION: A SET consists of 2 spacers and 10 wheel bolts / nuts (so a set including mounting hardware for an axis.)

From now on we deliver our bikes and spacer disks / Wheel Spacers (if required course inclusive Accessories: wheel bolts or nuts). Our wheels are constructed as needed and fit in most cases simply and easily to a variety of vehicle types.

Specific applications of tuning and the expansion of our program on exotic vehicles and super sports cars (for example, Corvette, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, …) but sometimes requires an additional use of spacer disks .
To put it as simple as possible to make you our partners there are available these spacers with the same.

When present, these spacer disks are also listed in the same Tüv-certificate our Oxigin rims. In addition, all spacer disks have their own Tüv appraisals.

Our spacers are made of a high quality aluminum alloy in Germany and always have a double centering. The double centering on the vehicle and on the rim imbalances are excluded from the outset and a perfect fit guarantee.
The following list provides an overview of our product range.

BreiteArt. SCCTypLKNLBNLBZentrierrungSchraubenPreise
03 mm22284Audi5x11257,166,6doppeltS1415KE3184
05 mm22156Audi5x11257,166,6doppeltS1415KE3386
10 mm12433Audi A 6 4G vorne5x11266,666,6doppeltS1415KE3892
12 mm22096Bentley Continental5x11257,166,6 / 57,1doppeltS1415KE4095
03 mm22790Camaro5x120,6566,9572,6 / 66,95einfachOriginal Muttern65
05 mm22791Camaro5x120,6566,9572,6 / 66,95einfachOriginal Muttern67
10 mm22792Ferrari 430 vorne5x10867,172,6 / 67,1doppeltS1415KE3897
20 mm22793Ferrari 4305x10867,172,6 / 67,1doppeltS1415KE48111
05 mm22794Ferrari 4585x114,367,172,6 / 67,1einfachS1415KE3386
10 mm22795Ferrari 458 vorne5x114,367,172,6 / 67,1doppeltS1415KE3892
20 mm22796Ferrari 4585x114,367,172,6 / 67,1doppeltS1415KE48111
05 mm22797Jaguar F-Type5x10863,472,6 / 63,4einfachOriginal Muttern67
15 mm33208Jaguar XJ5x10863,472,6/ 63,4doppeltStehbolzen System 3140
15 mm22798Maserati Gran Cabrio5x114,367,172,6 / 67,1doppeltS1415KE4390
25 mm22799Maserati Gran Cabrio5x114,367,172,6 / 67,1doppeltS1415KE53118
10 mm12433Mercedes SL 230 vorne5x11266,666,6doppeltS1415KE4092
20 mm33209Nissan 370 Z5x114,366,172,6 / 66,1doppeltStehbolzen System 3156
20 mm22192Peugeot RCZ5x10865,172,6 / 65,1doppeltS1225KE50S104
25 mm22800Peugeot RCZ5x10865,172,6 / 65,1doppeltS1225KE55S111
03 mm12421Porsche5x13071,671,6doppelt System 2PS1415KU3190
05 mm12422Porsche5x13071,671,6doppelt System 2PS1415KU3392
10 mm12424Porsche5x13071,671,6doppelt System 2PS1415KU38101
20 mm12200Porsche5x13071,671,6doppeltS1415KU48116

All prices include VAT.

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