Oxigin 18 Concave

With the innovative and unique new rim design Oxigin 18 Concave Oxigin sets new trends!

The design of the rim allows the wheel aggressive, but at the same time have an extremely elegant. This is due to the five concave shaped spokes.

Already in the variant of the rim with the dimensions 8.5 × 19 technicians did an excellent job and let the spokes around 4.5 cm turn inward. Nominally Concave hereby intends to honor.

Besides the already known paint in the colors black, graphite full polish or black full polish, we have also new alloy wheels in eight different color-Polish shades.

Another new feature is the possibility of foil finishing a concave wheel. The Oxigin 18 Concave allows both the spokes and the large drop center (Measurements: 85mm in executing 8.5 × 19) to foiling. For every driver make his wheel individually according to his wishes. By Oxigin foil generator, you can easily see how your favorite color could act on their car.

OX 18 Concave Black Full Polish
OX 18 Concave graphite full polish
OX 18 Concave Black
Ox 18 Concave White Foil Finishing

The Oxigin 18 Concave is available in the following sizes

  7,5 x 17″
  8,5 x 18″
  8,5 x 19″
  9,5 x 19″
  9,0 x 20″
10,5 x 20″
   12 x 20″
  9,0 x 21″
10,5 x 21″
11,5 x 21″
   10 x 22″
11,5 x 22″

The rim is from 199 to have € incl. VAT.. Naturally includes an ABE supplied.

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