The OXIGIN OX18 Concave wheel in black full polish

An established bestseller in the OXIGIN light alloy wheel programme, the five-spoke OX18 Concave wheel does exactly what it says on the tin. Available in a large number of common sizes, and a few uncommon ones too, it is designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles like a glove.

From the entry-level 7.5×17-inch size for small cars, to the massive 11.5×22-inch wheel that can fill the wheel arches of a large SUV, there is an OX18 Concave wheel for every application. The portfolio even includes relatively rare sizes like 7.5×18-inch, 7.5×19-inch, along with 9.0, 10.5 and 11.5×21-inch.

Significantly, many the common OX18 Concave wheel sizes are supplied with ABE (general operating license) certification that makes an entry in the vehicle documents unnecessary. The ‘small’ 17,18 and 19-inch wheels come frequently with an ABE certificate, and can thus be retrofitted by car dealerships.

One of the most popular OX18 Concave finishes is the black full polish, which is available in gloss or matte versions. Each variant highlights the deeply dished centre that gives the OX18 Concave design its distinctive appearance.

Apart from black full polish the OX18 Concave is available in a range of other surface finishes including chrome, colour polish, bicolour and neon. A unique bespoke option sees unique surface finishes created using self-adhesive wrap.

More information on the OX18 Concave wheel range is available in the new OXIGIN Spring catalogue, which can be downloaded in pdf format from:
You can also request a print version free of charge via e-mail:, or by calling +49 (0) 70 22/97 96 22

Price and delivery information is available from:
OXIGIN –AD Vimotion GmbH
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Tel: +49 (0) 70 22 / 97 96 22
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