Exclusive finish: OX18 Concave in graphite full polish

The days when you could only buy alloy wheels painted in silver, and possibly black, are thankfully long gone. Leading the revolution in wheel colouring, the best-selling OXIGIN OX18 Concave five-spoke, forged alloy wheel is now available in more than 20 different surface finishes.

From simple black on high-contrast black full polish to the vibrant Colour polish-, Bicolour- and Neon-ranges, the standard portfolio offers something for everyone. For those who hanker after a set of truly bespoke wheels, OXIGIN offers countless customisation options using foil wrap. Moreover many finishes are available in matt or gloss.

Sitting between silver and black, the comparatively discreet OX18 Concave ‘graphite full polish’ option has a neutral tonal balance that allows it to match virtually any vehicle colour. The polished outline of the wheels five spokes highlights their three-dimensional form in stark relief from the glossy grey surfaces of the deep well and concave centre surfaces, and gives this OX18 Concave variant its exclusive

The OX18 Concave comes in an extensive range of sizes from 7.5×17-inch to 11.5×22-inch, encompassing relatively rare sizes such as 7.5×18, 7.5×19, as well as 9.0, 10.5 and 11.5×21 inch.

Convenience: For many applications, the OX18 Concave wheel comes with ABE (general operating license) certification that makes an entry in the vehicle documents superfluous. Specifically, some of the smaller sizes such as 17, 18, and 19-inch come with ABE certificates, which allows them to be fitted by car dealerships.

More detailed information on OX18 Concave wheel range can be found in the 2015 OXIGIN catalogue, which can be downloaded as a pdf: https://www.oxigin.de/dokumente/oxigin_katalog.pdf

The print edition of this catalogue can be requested free of charge by sending an email to: mailing@oxigin.de, or calling +49 (0) 70 22/97 96 22.

More information is available directly from:
OXIGIN -AD Vimotion GmbH
Kelterstraße 40
72669 Unterensingen
Tel: 0 70 22 / 97 96 22
Fax: 0 70 22 / 97 96 24
E-Mail: info@oxigin.de


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