A Study in Contrast: OX19 OXSPOKE in black full polish

OXIGIN, the forged alloy wheel maker from Esslingen, presents their new OX19 OXSPOKE design for the start of this year’s tuning season.

Unique features of this wheel are the double-Y spokes that extend to the edge of the rim, making the wheel appear even larger in diameter than it really is, and the ‘black full polish’ (gloss black with polished front) finish.

An additional visual highlight is the polished outer rim, which gives a distinctive and elegant look to the rotating wheel. The OX19 OXSPOKE comes in sizes ranging from 8.5J x 18, through 8.5J x 19 to 8.5J x 20-inch.

In addition to the distinctive ‘black full polish’, various other surface finishes are available, including the brand new Twocolour version where the entire wheel is silver, with the spoke surfaces in contrasting black. The extensive range of colour options include Chrome-, Colour polish-and even neon variants.

For detailed information about OX19 OXSPOKE wheels, the new OXIGIN spring catalogue is available for download now: https://www.oxigin.de/dokumente/oxigin_katalog.pdf
Alternatively, a free copy of the printed catalogue can be requested by sending an email to: mailing@oxigin.de, or calling +49 (0) 70 22/97 96 22

Full specifications with price and delivery information are available from:
OXIGIN -AD Vimotion GmbH
Kelterstraße 40
72669 Singen
Tel: 0 70 22/97 96 22
Fax: 0 70 22/97 96 24
E-mail: info@oxigin.de


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