OXFORGED – high-tech forged wheel by Oxigin

With aluminum wheels OXFORGED series complements our aluminum wheels program, a forged wheel in sizes from 19 “to 21” inches and at excellent prices.

Forged wheels are due to their higher strength and material by approximately 30% to 40% lighter than aluminum wheels manufactured by casting. That is, depending on the rim dimension, up to 18 kg in weight saving of the vehicle. The lighter weight of aluminum wheels OXFORGED arise less centrifugal forces, reduced gyroscopic forces on the axle and with maximum load capacity. The driving experience is improved considerably by better curve handling and better acceleration. 18 kg unsprung mass less on the car is a huge amount and immediately improves the handling of the car.

Lightweight wheels are clear to cast rims advantage

With OXFORGED we focus not only on the superb technology of forged wheels, but also to the possibility that forged wheels can be produced due to their high strength much finer and finer spokes.

With OXFORGED you not only get a better driving experience, but also a special individualization to your car.

You can download the current catalog in PDF format (about 4MB).

Oxforged Forged Wheels
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