Oxigin 18 Concave Serie

The concave appearance of rims and spokes is a real eye-catcher, which suggests additional dynamism and aggressiveness. This effect, the designers of Oxigin have taken advantage of and present with the OX 18 Concave an absolutely rapid eye catcher. Designed simple and compact with five spokes, the inner race makes of 4.5 cm for a distinctive dynamic character. In its dimensions, the wheel series OX 18 Concave covers from a wide range of 7.5x17 to 11,5x22 inches. The production of lightweight aluminum reduces the weight while ensuring a long service life through a high-class manufacturing to.

Oxigin 18 Concave Polish

As shiny rim with polishing effect the OX 18 Concave with ten color variations offers many creative ways. Classic silver or black are also available as extraordinary hues, such as red, orange or blue. In all Polish variants alone the rim and the rim of the spokes is colored, which makes for a subtle color effect.

Oxigin 18 Concave Foil finishing

The foiling of the aluminum wheel is the ideal choice for individualists. In over 36 variants offered to exciting color combinations can be selected and only certain parts of the rim make it attractive. Thanks to the rim construction next to the spokes also foiling the broad low bed is possible. striped in color combinations such as red-green or black-yellow exclusivity is guaranteed. Try it with our films generator live from.

Oxigin 18 Concave Matt

Wheels in Design Polish Matt come more discreet therefore without losing some of their dynamic effect. With its matte polish effect the perfect match for high-quality vehicles, is where value is placed on a more exclusive design. For the wheels design Noble classic colors like black or graphite can be selected.

Oxigin 18 Concave Extras Colour

This edition will appeal to all, where wheels can not be colorful enough. The OX 18 Concave is immersed here in trendy color combinations, the entire rim is colored instead of spokes or wheel rims. Neon yellow, neon red and similar intensive design belong to this edition.

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