Oxigin 19 Oxspoke series

With the series OX 19 Oxspoke Oxigin relies on an exciting styling with a unique profile. Distinctive eye of aluminum wheel is the unusual spokes form the familiar optically on a double-Y instead rectilinear crosspieces. The spokes thereby obtain not only a more dynamic look, but look even slightly larger than they actually are.

Another highlight in the design is the contrasting background rotation that is the exciting eye-catcher in the travel movement. Due to this special construction, the weight of the alloy wheel is again further reduced. The production of high quality aluminum is very robust despite the low weight and contributes to a long life.

The range of sizes is appealing, ranging from 7.5x17 to 8.5x20 inches. Herewith the OX 19 can Oxspoke be mounted on a variety of sporting or daily use vehicles. In all design variants the silver appearance of the rim is always maintained, alone the spoke surfaces and their edges are attractively designed.

Oxigin 19 Oxspoke in Polish

The Colour Polish variant for OX 19 Oxspoke offers 11 color options. By polishing the rims creates an exciting gloss effect, which further enhances the color effect of the spokes. In addition to bright colors such as red or blue and gold or graphite are available.

Oxigin 19 Oxspoke Foil finishing

In the film finishing a colored, customized film is applied to the outside of the aluminum wheel. The series OX 19 Oxspoke familiar in all reactions on a black design of the spokes, complemented by a colored drop center. The foil finishing offers over 30 color options.

Oxigin 19 Oxspoke Extra Colours

The eight wheels in this edition are the right choice for an exquisite flavor. Here is located in the coloring is not limited to the spoke or the rim. Instead, the entire rim shines in a busy tone, for example, in neon yellow, neon green, bronze or titanium.

Oxigin 19 Oxspoke Matt

The Matt Edition is the most elegant color variant, which goes particularly well with upscale vehicles. Currently the series OX includes 19 Oxspoke a matte conversion in fine silver. With this can take up the design of vehicles, has been dropped with the body on a metallic or glossy effect.

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