Oxigin 20 Attraction

As of December 2015, there is the day! The new Oxigin 20 Attraction will then be available commercially.

With the Oxigin 20 we expanded our aluminum wheels Program to another wheel, which will delight many optics lovers. With a very characteristic undercut the Oxigin Attraction very dynamic and at the same time very elegant.

As usual Oxigin there for OX 20 many color variations
from classic black and contrasting black polish on colorful and / or foiled variants to unique custom color finishes.

Available wheel of 8.5x18 to 10.5x20 inches will be and is therefore suitable for many car makes and models, from compact up to the premium class.

Starting at 199- € the Oxigin 20 Attraction in the color black version and in the available 18-inch version.

Excerpt of OX 20 Attraction rims models

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