Oxigin 20 Attraction Serie

The rims series OX 20 Attraction of Oxigin is one of the latest achievements of the renowned manufacturer. With their ten-spoke design in concave optics aluminum wheels appear sporty, dynamic and somewhat larger than they are. In dimensions of 8.5x18 to 10,5x20 inch available, they are an attractive choice for many vehicles of middle and upper class.

As with other series of Oxigin the typical undercut of the rim and the three-dimensional appearance of depth and extra elegance makes. Produced in genuine aluminum wheel, OX 20 convinced Attraction by a low weight at elevated durability. The wide choice of colors and designs an optical adjustment to any sports car is possible.

Oxigin 20 Attraction in Polish

The color variant Polish with ten shades the largest variety of series OX 20 Attraction. From silver to green to pink, the spokes of the wheel are colored strongly. With the optical polishing effect of the color impression appears always intense and becomes a true eye-catcher on all jaunts.

Oxigin 20 Attraction in Colour Cut

The variant Colour Cut is ideal if the coloring of the spokes is not sufficient. These seven models the entire rim is colored in exciting colors such as neon green or neon yellow. Also exciting color combinations such as black and white or orange and white are available to enhance the color effect of this extraordinary wheel yet.

Oxigin 20 Attraction Foil finishing

The OX 20 attraction offers more than 30 different possibilities for film finishing. The buyers have a free choice which make the OX 20 Attraction will be foiled. Firstly, only the rim, only the spokes or the rim can be foiled or in combination, such as the wheel rim with the spokes. Try it now with the film generator.

Oxigin 20 Attraction Extra Colours

The Extra Colours are the ideal choice for all, which the conventional color gamut of these rims Edition is insufficient. With the appearance of titanium, bronze or gold an appreciation of the vehicle is guaranteed. Ideal for cars with metallic paint effect in less conspicuous body colors.

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