Video rims foiling

To give a vehicle a customized look, there is the Oxigin rim with foil finishing, such as the popular OX 18 Concave. Top quality and the best quality are numerous colors available. The practical foil generator on the website allows for easy and precise selection of the desired sheet that matches the appropriate vehicle. Thus, the car is an absolute eye-catcher on the road.

The course of the foil finishing

Before the actual foliation starts, the wheels are first thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning the foil is mounted on the rim Oxigin. For this purpose, the individual pieces of the foil, depending on the wheel model, mounted on the drop center and / or spokes. Thereafter starts the so-called annealing, in this case acts heat to the foil, characterized the foil is permanently attached to the rim. In the treatment, the protectors of the foil are peeled and with a fine needle to be incurred bubbles away. The process of foil finishing a single Oxigin wheel takes about 50 minutes.

The roadworthiness

The foiled Oxigin rims car wash and weatherproof. When cleaning with a steam cleaner is particularly important to ensure a minimum distance of 75-100 cm observed, because by the force of the steam ejector, the foil can be damaged! With damage to the foil by rockfall-, curb- or other caused by violent impact damage, a repair kit can be purchased at any time Oxigin.

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