Comprehensive, informative and attractive than ever before – so may the freshly printed spring catalogs of popular Alloy wheels labels OXIGIN and CARMANI are well described so accurately that fits launched the Esslinger Leichtmetallradschmiede AD Vimotion these days early spring, 2015. In addition to pictures of different wheel designs and color finishes can be found in the high-quality sales documents with comprehensive information about the wide range of high-wheels program of AD Vimotion: With the brands OXIGIN and CARMANI the wheels specialists provides a comprehensive portfolio for virtually all vehicles and claims.

The front page of the 44-page OXIGIN catalog is of course affected by the new wheel design Ox 19 OXSPOKE on which CARMANI catalog attracts also new, dynamically pronounced CARMANI 10 attention to itself. In the next few days and OXIGIN- CARMANI dealer nationwide are supplied with the new glossy catalogs and wheels posters, marketing information and other helpful documents. Of course OXIGIN and CARMANI put their brand new glossy catalogs and end users, please contact: (!) The printing units in AD he Vimotion GmbH free be requested (by email to or call 0 70 22/97 96 22) and are alternatively available in the practical pDF file format for immediate download.


Live to see and get the varied product portfolio of OXIGIN and CARMANI are included in the well served dealer network of renowned Alloy wheels brands.

All other facts and price and delivery information is available directly at:

OXIGIN – AD Vimotion GmbH
Kelterstraße 40
72669 Unterensingen

Tel: 0 70 22 / 97 96 22
Fax: 0 70 22 / 97 96 24


Umfangreicher, informativer und attraktiver als je zuvor – so dürfen die druckfrischen Frühjahrskataloge der populären Leichtmetallfelgen-Labels OXIGIN und CARMANI (mehr …)

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