Aluminum wheels manufacturer Oxigin are undoubtedly the icing on the “i” for sporting motorists. The Swabian company from Unterensingen sets with its new neon rims product line an accent, which according to the motto “I, just different” addresses many tuning enthusiasts and thus also highlights a special uniqueness.

It is well known that aluminum wheels considerably the overall picture of a vehicle up or can depreciate. The automotive industry has made in recent years, significant innovations to the market with regard to design, shaping the body, energy efficiency, driving performance, to 0- emission electric vehicles. However, in the vehicle design a matching alloy wheel is simply neglected often. In most cases, no special emphases are placed here by the automaker. The company Oxigin has proven to be well-known manufacturers in the field of aluminum wheels of the specialized nature of these, but big challenge. With the new trendy neon wheels are set by vivid and brilliant colors additional accents.

The color spectrum of the aluminum wheels Oxigin 14 Oxrock, Oxigin 15 Vtwo and Oxigin 18 Concave has now been extended with 5 new neon colors.
The new neon wheels are available in shades of neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink and neon blue. These neon wheels are a highlight, and through timely production it is possible to get delivered as quickly as possible the dream rim.

Best quality for a good price and excellent service, this results in the company to the guiding philosophy. Founded in 2000, has established itself in the past 13 years continuously in the European market, secure shares and expand these. can be found not only in Germany but in almost all European countries sales and service partners are available to customers with advice and assistance.

Thus the decision easier, just turn up on the manufacturer’s website Oxigin. Here the matching alloy wheel is for everyone.

Alufelgen des Herstellers Oxigin sind zweifellos das Tüpfelchen auf dem „i“ für sportliche Automobilisten. Das schwäbische Unternehmen aus Unterensingen setzt mit seiner neuen Neon Felgen-Produktlinie einen Akzent, welcher getreu dem Motto „ Ich, eben anders“ viele Tuningbegeisterte anspricht und somit auch eine besondere Einzigartigkeit unterstreicht. (mehr …)

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