Foiling the Oxigin alloy wheels

The foiling a Oxigin aluminum wheels is very complicated and takes about 50 minutes per wheel. Our video shows Time Lapse, elaborate paste the rim.

Foiling of aluminum wheels

Before foiling a Oxigin alu rim is initially cleaned thoroughly. Thereafter, the foils attached to the rim, depending on the rim model on low bed and / or spokes. After attaching the foil, the rim is tempered. The annealing is a heat treatment for a long time, by this heat, the foil is permanently fixed to the aluminum rim. After annealing, the rim treated, in this case, the protection foil of the foil is peeled off and a needle air bubbles are removed, if necessary.

The foiled aluminum wheels of Oxigin are weather and carwash hard. When cleaning the rims with a steam cleaner, it is particularly important to maintain a minimum distance of 75-100 cm, otherwise the foil may be damaged. Any damage resulting from the curb stones or other caused by violent impact damage, a repair kit can be purchased at Oxigin.

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